Curriculum Vitae (0.02MB)

PhD in Folklore from Indiana University, Bloomington,
Research interest includes:
Folklore and Social Justice; Ecopoetics or Environmental Folklore, Resistance Culture; Rituals as Symbolic Performance; Women's Folklore

Area of focus: Northeast & East Africa

Ethnic Identification: Oromo



-“‘God Speak to Us’: Performing Power and Authority in Salale, Ethiopia,” Journal of African Cultural Studies, 26/3.

-"Great Man" or "Great Myth"? Meles Zenawi: Historic or Mythic Ideologue?" Journal of Oromo Studies, Vol. 20, No. 1&2, July 2013

-"Salale Oromo Women’s Songs of Resistance (Oromia, Ethiopia)," International Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Volume 7, Issue 3, (2014), pp.47-66.

Beyond Adversities (2010)
The Hug (2011)
Anan'yaa (1998; 2006)
Decorous Decorum (2006) and few other publications on Resistance Poetry and Oromo folklore and Literature.